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Say hello to ExtendBI.com

May 1, 2020

Say hello to ExtendBI.com

Welcome to our new site

S-cubed extensions to Extend BI

We are very happy to be welcoming you to our new website. Now we can tell you why we have made a new website and also added a new identity.

Our native and easy to use Qlik extensions have gotten so much traction from Qlik users and partners that we felt it was time to focus even more on that side of our business. That is why we will now brand us as Extend BI. Because we extend the value and possibilities for your Qlik platform.

We are still part of S-cubed and hence, benefit from all the knowledge and product insights we have has a Qlik Elite Partner.

The increased focus means that we have made major updates to our Qlik Sense writeback extension called Komment. Version 2.0 that was released in March 2020 introduced inline editing and a setup process so easy that you won't believe it. Our roadmap for Komment is also packed with great features and in our next release we will even enable you to write data into a database if you don't think the QVD storage is suitable for your needs.

Going forward we will also give much more life to Kompass - our Qlik Sense navigation extension. All customers that have bought Kompass are seeing a large increase in user adoption. So we see no reason as to why you and all other Qlik users around the world shouldn't have the same experience.

We hope you will find our new site helpful in your search for value adding Qlik extensions and please just write to us if you have any questions or want us to help you out with building custom extensions just for you.

All the best


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