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FAQ - Extend BI


What’s your pricing policy?

We have both user-based pricing and a perpetual pricing. Prices starts from as little as EUR €50 per user per year.

See more pricing details below or read the details on our pricing page.

Can I try your extensions for some time before buying?

Yes, sure you can. It is as simple as sending us an email. Press one of the GET STARTED buttons or use any of the forms here on our site and we'll handle your request asap. Come try it out!


Is Komment™ certified by Qlik (TED)?

Yes! We are proud to have been recognized as a member of the Qlik Trusted Extension Developer (TED) program. This program helps identify and vet partners who are active in developing high quality and commercially viable extensions.

Customers benefit from this as they will be able to easily identify Komment as a production-ready extension, created by the best of the best extension developers.

Komment is showcased here: https://developer.qlik.com/ted

How do Komment™ compare with other competitors?

Komment is an extension only product. i.e. you do not need additional services or databases.
Flexible. Developed by Qlik developers, for Qlik developers and Qlik business users.
Data availability. The data you save is immediately available in apps right after you press save.

How is security and user access managed?

Extension usage is controlled by security rules in the QMC.
Access to specific parts of the extension (e.g. the ability to save date or see a specific data field) can be controlled using show/hide logic within the extension as with any other Qlik Sense objects.

Can it be used for budgeting and planning?

Yes, it can be used for budgeting and planning – and you can relate the input data directly to other data in your applications.
There are really no limits to where Komment™ can be used. Our customers are using it within; sales, finance, forecasting, marketing, reporting, data cleaning, work flows etc.

Do I need any other services or subscriptions?

No. There's no other subscription needed besides the price package you choose as being right for your team/workplace. Our pricing page shows the different offerings of our user-based and perpetual license models.
No other subscriptions are necessary.

If you want, you are free to connect the Kommet writeback extension to a SQL database, but you don't have to. Komment will work excellent on its own using .TXT, .CSV, or .QVD as file formats to store data in.

Can I include more than one writeback extension in a dashboard at the same time?

Yes. This is great for when you need multiple locations to store data, or when different users should have separate databases to write data to.

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Daniel Andersen

Director, Products & Extensions

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