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The native Qlik writeback extension.

It is so easy to setup that you can start to write and edit data directly in your Qlik Sense apps in less than five minutes.

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Qlik Partner - Elite Solutions ProviderKomment is certified by Qlik

Companies across all industries and geographies are already extending their Qlik platforms with our native extensions

We are part of Qlik’s Trusted Extension Developer (TED) Program. This means that Qlik has identified us as a partner who develops high quality, commercially viable extensions.

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Why you need a
writeback extension

Empower users:

Provide users with the ability to write, edit and update data directly in Qlik Sense. The new data is part of your data model right away.

Increase productivity:

No more interrupted workflows when switching between different applications and systems.

Enhance data quality:

Get rid of all your related Excel files and Google sheets and keep all insights and data in one place.

Use all your data:

Increase the return on your Qlik investment and break the rules for what Business Intelligence tools can do.

Why you should
choose Komment™

Unbelievable simple:

Configure a fully working writeback app in less than five minutes. No external services or databases are needed.

Endless opportunities:

As we use native Qlik functionality you can customize Komment™ to match your use cases.

Priced to match your needs:

You can get started for only €50 yearly per user. We have different plans to match your requirements.

No setup costs:

Komment™ is very easy to install and configure. You can do it yourself as a true self-service product.

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Komment™ has all the features to support your writeback use case

Data entry

Write comments directly in your Qlik Sense application. You can also create, delete or edit data points.


Select from a range of input options (Date, Select, Group, Text, Number, Check, Variable, etc.)

Use the data

Your data entries are immediately available to use in other charts and tables. Just press save and everybody is on the same page.


Out of the box audit trail provides insight into what has been changed, by who and when it was changed.

Data storage

Your entries are saved into QVD files or a MS SQL DB that you can manage and back-up as you do with any other data sources.


You get real time writeback no matter the size of your Qlik app. A high number of concurrent users is also handled efficiently.

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Komment™ knows no limits to which areas and industries where it can be useful


Have meaningful discussions with the relevant data at hand

Data Management

Review and clean your data in the most efficient way


Assign users to tasks and mange related actions and deadlines


Learn from your users by capturing critical input about their dashboard usage


Companies across all industries and geographies are already extending their Qlik platforms with our native extensions

Komment and it's native integration to Qlik has made a tremendous impact in Sandvine's business. Sandvine uses Qlik to understand and drive business decisions across multiple business units. At Sandvine we wanted to combine the power of visualization plus the power of collaboration. Komment was able to complete the missing piece by allowing us to use dashboards to have meaningful discussions within cross functional teams, take notes, follow on actions and adjust critical KPI's directly in Qlik's dashboard. The result is teams empowered with information and cycles of feedback between back-office and front-office with up to date information.

Ludwig Mendez,
Director Customer Success

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As a flower exporter we use Qlik Sense as a business intelligence tool. People in our organization wanted the ability to input information in a Qlik Sense dashboard. Qlik Sense don’t have this functionality, but with the Komment extension it is possible! It is easy to install, and the extension feels like a native functionality of Qlik Sense.

Chifai Cheng

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We have a large Qlik Sense application that is heavily integrated with internal forms unmanaged by the business intelligence team. Komment allowed us to begin replacing those forms and store the information directly on the related pages and objects in Qlik. This has made the process much easier to maintain and scale, while also providing a single repository for the end user. The support has been great and any issues we encountered were resolved quickly.

Michael Paul,
Senior Director of Business Applications

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element61 is always on the lookout for high returns of its customers’ investments in data & analytics software. element61 Qlik’s competence center has identified Extend BI's extensions Komment™ and Kompass™ as powerful solutions that maximize the value of Qlik Sense.

Peter Van Craenenbroeck,
Customer Relations & Business

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We got a lot of use-cases in the projects we deliver to our customers where write-back functionality could really make complex implementations much easier. The cost of Komment is multiple times lower compared to the technical effort and complexity we have to bring in our solutions.

Neil Vets,
Managing Partner

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When using different solutions for writing back in Qlik Sense applications, Komment was noticed positively by its very light installation without additional databases as well as simple use in connection with automatic script generation. It is the only Qlik extension known to me so far that writes back directly into the Qlik data model. Komment thus allows a variety of use cases such as comments, checklists and planning.

Mathias Schreiber

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