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Komment™ is now certified by Qlik

May 25, 2020

Komment™ is now certified by Qlik

Trusted Extension Developer (TED) program

We think we have built a great Qlik Sense extension. Now we know for a fact that Qlik has the same perception. We are very happy to announce that Komment™ has received Qlik's accreditation as a trusted extension.

TED certification
Qlik likes Komment

Do you need more reasons to use Komment™?

If you have a need for writing data directly in your Qlik apps then you should already now sign up for a demo and trial version here on our site. If you are still not convinced that Komment™ is the right tool for you allow us to give you a few more reasons:

  • It's super lightweight and it is a pleasure to work with in the Qlik UI.
  • It perform saves and reloads lightning fast.
  • The smart-script feature generates the needed code for Komment™ to work and automatically sets up the script - with a click of a button.
  • It includes essential features for an enterprise-ready writeback extension, without adding redundant "yeah-this-is-great-but-i'm-never-gonna-use-this-pointless" features.
  • It's for the small teams and for the large teams. We have fair pricing models with 100% transparency around our pricing. Free trials are available so you can evaluate if this is the right fit for you and your organisation, before deciding to purchase it.
  • And last but not least. It is made by super friendly Qlik experts.

We have a feeling that you'd be convinced by now, so go ahead and sign-up for an online demo where you can try out Komment™ for yourself.

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Daniel Andersen

Director, Products & Extensions

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